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Final Fantasy Last Icon Maker Standing

Final Fantasy : Last Icon Maker Standing
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A Final Fantasy Last Icon Maker Standing competition

Welcome to Final Fantasy LIMS. This is a last icon maker standing competition devoted to Final Fantasy icons. Here's how it works:

Each ROUND will have a 2-week sign-up period. Once two weeks are up or ten icon-makers sign up (whichever is first), the ROUND will start. Each ROUND will have as many PHASES as there are icon-makers in it. The PHASES will go as follows below.

Friday : A new theme for the PHASE goes up. Themes may be lyrical, technical, conceptual, or subject-based, in no particular order. They may get harder as the ROUND progresses.
Wednesday : Icons are due; voting begins.
Friday : Eliminations and winners are announced and a new PHASE begins.

PHASES will continue until we have a Last Icon-Maker Standing!

This challenge isn't limited to just one round. If the first round has been filled up, don't fret! You can still sign up for later rounds. More information on that can be found here.

Interested in entering the competition? Please be sure to read the following rules:

01. Sign up for a round. Make sure you also join and friend the community.
02. Every Friday we will announce a theme. You will then have until Wednesday to complete and submit your icon.
03. Icons must be "fresh" and brand new for these challenges. Re-using of old icons will disqualify you.
04. If you sign up, you must participate in each and every challenge, unless you have been eliminated. Failure to do so will disqualify you.
05. Icons must not be featured or shown in any other community/journal or competition until PHASE winners have been posted.
06. You cannot change your submission once you've submitted it, unless the change you're making is to fix a spelling error or other such problem. Please let us know if you are making such a change.
07. Only official Square-Enix images and Amano art (including screencaps of the games themselves) can be used in your icons. Fanart and doujinshi are not allowed.
08. If you're confused on anything, please check the FAQ.

All icons will be judged by members of this community. Rules for judging are as follows:

01. Vote for your two least favorite icons. Your first choice will be your least favorite, and your second choice your second least favorite. The point system does matter here, so choose carefully.
02. The icon with the most points will be eliminated.
03. Vote for your favorite icon as well. The icon that receives the most votes for favorite icon will win Favorite of the Phase. For more information on Favorite of the Round, please see the FAQ.
04. Any attempt to cheat by using fake and clone accounts will be cause for banning.
05. Please provide some detailed feedback for your votes. Be constructively critical. If you don't understand how to do this, ask me in a comment or email. You do not have to leave feedback for your vote for Favorite of the Round, though I'm sure it would be appreciated by the icon makers.

Your screened vote should look like this:
Least favorite: 02 - The image is quite blurry and the font overwhelmes the icon. How about a serif font instead of a cursive one? The colors are nice, but don't enhance the image.

2nd least favorite: 08 - This is a great texture, but it obscures the image. I can't really see what is happening in the icon. Maybe "rave slan" isn't the best text for the image.

Favorite: 05 - The coloring is fantastic. The cropping is creative, without being too strange.

[x] sign up for the next round
[x] FAQ
[x] history/past winners
[x] important links
[x] image resources

This community is moderated and maintained by dragon_gypsy and deria_hime. Any and all comments, questions, and complaints should be directed to them in a private message.

Current Layout
Header by Round Nine winner anniereckless
Layout codes by grrliz @ thefulcrum
Layout modifications by helenahandbag
Background pattern by Squidfingers

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